Promotes overall balance and stability to your body.

Reversible - simply flip it over on your wrist to change the colour.


Please include your size and colour choices in note.

For example:

L black-red *100

S black-red *100

L black-orange *30

S black-orange *70

L navy-blue *100

S navy-blue *100

LOT 100pc: KRING Energy Bracelet Double Colours

  • Strength, Flexibility, Endurance and Balance

    Over 500 testers provided positive feedbacks on KRING Energy Bracelet in the past 5 years. Feedbacks included the feeling of enhanced strength, flexibility, endurance and balance for the body.



    Optimize brain activities from increased blood flow, allowing you to concentrate better, think faster, and improve efficiency while wearing KRING Energy Bracelet.



    KRING Energy Bracelet helps improve motor function and elervate energy throughout the day. Be the best for your family, friends and loved ones.


    Relax and Comfortable

    Promote the harmonious development of body energy to help your body relax and stay comfy.

    For those who suffer from physical nerve discomfort from feet cramps or insomnia at night, KRING Energy Bracelet helps them to find relief from pain and promotes restfulness.


    Test Results

    The infrared thermal image camera shows the user’s palm temperature rises after wearing the KRING Energy Bracelet for 5 minutes. Kring Energy Bracelet promotes an optimal metabolic rate and increases blood flow.