One pack of 12 sets of Swarovski crystal, 3M glue and hypoallergenic Japanese titanium ball.

Size: ss16/4mm


👑  Here is how beauty and health come together 

👉  The hypoallergenic titanium ball massages the auricular acupoint, the Swarovski crystal on the top does all the fashion and beauty work while the aerated 3M tape keeps everything in place! âœ¨


👑  像是有穿耳洞一樣(可是沒有真的耳洞喔)

👉 閃亮地施華洛世奇水晶點亮妳的風采,日本低敏鈦珠在透氣的 3M 膠底下偷偷地按摩妳的耳穴 ðŸ‘‰ æ‰¾ã€Œå–µè€³æœµã€è®“美麗和健康同時擁有 âœ¨

ss16/4mm Acupoint Energy Swarovski Crystal Set

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