Tester Video Requirement
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Thank you for taking testing video of KRING Energy Bracelet! One KRING Energy Bracelet will be sent to you for free. ❤️

The following are some requirements of video. 


Video needs to show: 

  1. Put the KRING Energy Bracelet aside, do not touch the tester’s body, nor the helper’s body. Even if the helper holding the KRING, it can transfer the energy to the tester when touching the tester.

  2. The tester holds both of the hands at the lower back. Palms facing up.

  3. Relax and stand still. 

  4. Have another person (helper) push down at the palms of the tester. Slowly increase the force until the tester start waddling. 

  5. Repeat from step 2 to 4 with the tester wearing the KRING Energy Bracelet. 

  6. optional: Feel free to repeat several times with and without KRING Energy Bracelet. 

  7. Share the feel and thoughts. 

  8. Provide the purchasing link of KRING Energy Bracelets (both orally and form of text): www.meowerdo.com/kring

  9. Provide coupon code of $10 off on each KRING Energy Bracelet. (Please let me know your coupon code choice beforehand.)

  10. Introduce KRING Energy Bracelet in more detail. Please refer to the website www.meowerdo.com/kring

  11. optional: Test KRING Energy Bracelet on more people (your friends and family).


Thanks! Message sent.